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Valentine Berries

There’s no better way to say “I Love You” than with a box of our decadent chocolate covered strawberries.

6 pack: $17.50

12 pack: $28.50

Loves Ya! Bouquet

Bursting with love! Decadent strawberries dipped and swirled with white and milk chocolate. Complimented with chocolate covered pineapple hearts!

Small: $60.00

Large: $70.00

Chocolate Berry Daisy Bouquet

White, milk and pink chocolate covered strawberries amoung a bushel of juicy berries and sweet pineapple daisies.

Small: $51.50

Large: $61.50

Strawberries Delight Bouquet

A bushell of fresh strawberries with lots of white and milk chocolate and butterscotch swirl.

Small: $63.50

Large: $73.50

White Berry Bliss Bouquet

Fresh strawberries dipped in white chocolate and swirled with pink accompanied with 3 juicy pineapple hearts! The perfect bouquet for your special sweetheart or to congratulate a new baby.


Large: $65.50

The Love Bouquet

The sweetest way to say ‘I Love You’ is with chocolate covered pineapple hearts and strawberries.

(It’s a great way to get some brownie points too!)

Small: $60.50

Large: $70.50

Boo-Berry Bouquet

The perfect addition to your Halloween party! Pineapple chocolate ghosts, pumpkins, strawberries and apples!

Small: $90.00

Large: $100.00

Berry Batty Bouquet

We can't decide if these chocolate pineapple bats are scary or cute. You decide... when you bite into one!

Small: $69.00

Large: $79.00

Halloween Berries

Scary and spooky! White chocolate strawberries with candy eyes! Perfect for Halloween parties.

6 pack: $18.00

12 pack: $30.00

30 pack: $70.00

Yummy Mummy Bouquet

Spookishly delicious, white chocolate pineapple mummies with an assortment of fresh fruit and chocolate swirled berries.

Small: $54.00

Large: $64.00

Veggie n' Cheese, Please! Bouquet

An assortment of crisp, fresh veggies and marble cheese daisies. Served with a ranch dip.

Small: $64.00

12 pack: $74.00

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

Creamcheese filling stuffed into fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate and topped with crushed cookie crumbs.

6 pack: $21.00

12 pack: $40.00

Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies

Oreo cookies dunked in white chocolate and topped with cookie crumbs and milk chocolate drizzle.

6 pack: $12.00

12 pack: $22.00

24 pack: $40.00

Piña Colada Bites

Fresh pineapple in white and milk chocolate cups, topped with sweet coconut! Aloha!

6 pack: $12.00

12 pack: $22.00

24 pack: $40.00

White Chocolate Blueberry Bites

Fresh, plump blueberries in white chocolate with milk chocolate drizzle.

6 pack: $12.00

12 pack: $22.00

24 pack: $40.00

Cheese and Berries Bouquet

Delicious cheese daisies poked in a bushel of strawberries along with grapes! The perfect snack.

Small: $54.25

Large: $64.25

Let's Party Bouquet

Guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser! Chocolate apple wedges and toffee chocolate strawberries surrounded by juicy citrus fruits.

Small: $70.25

Large: $80.25

Dino-Tastic! Bouquet

Have fun with your fruit! Chocolate covered pineapple dinosaurs in tasty colors!

Small: $88.00

Large: $98.00

Celebration Bouquet

Perfect for your next party or celebration! Assortment of fresh melons, oranges, and grapes. Pineapple daisies, and of course, chocolate covered strawberries and crisp apple wedges.

Small: $115.50

Large: $130.50

Fresh Fruit Skewers

Perfect for your next party or gathering. Assorted fresh fruit on individual skewers. With or without chocolate drizzle.

Small: $48.00

Large: $68.00

Take Five Bouquet

The perfect little treat to share. Chocolate covered apple wedges and strawberries, drizzled with butterscotch and white chocolate.

Small: $52.75

Large: $62.75

Easter Basket Bouquet

A fun alternative to 'eggs in a basket'. A pineapple bunny top, chickadee, and colorful chocolate strawberry eggs!

Small: $58.75

Large: $68.75

Easter Mini Bouquet

Colorful and decorative chocolate dipped strawberries. A great way to change up your easter egg hunt!


Mug O' Berries Bouquet

Your new favorite coffee mug comes stuffed with chocolate covered strawberries with assorted toppings.


Berry Berry Bouquet

Fresh plump blueberries and strawberries accompanied with chocolate covered apple wedges.

Small: $59.50

Large: $69.50

Fruit Snacker Bouquet

A fresh, delicious and healthy treat for everyone to enjoy! Seedless watermelon, cantaloupe and honey dew strawberries and oranges! Lots of vitamins here.

Small: $85.00

Large: $95.00

Lady Bug Love Bouquet

Nestled away in a bed of fresh fruit, you’ll find this cute pineapple ladybug just waiting to be discovered!

Small: $50.00

Large: $60.00

Birthday Celebration Bouquet

Loaded with chocolate covered apple wedges and strawberries, this bouquet will brighten your next milestone celebration.

Small: $88.50

Large: $98.50

Summertime Celebration Bouquet

White and milk chocolate covered strawberries surrounded by an assortment of fresh delicious fruit!

Small: $80.00

Large: $90.00

Just Because Bouquet

Chocolate covered apple wedges and strawberries are the hit in this assortment bouquet.

Small: $76.00

Large: $86.00

Baby Boy Love Bouquet

The perfect way to welcome a new addition to the family! Enough chocolate covered strawberries to share with Nan and Pop.

Small: $59.50

Large: $69.50

Watermelon Baby Carriage Bouquet

An assortment of fresh berries, melon balls, grapes and pineapple.


Add a delicious fruit dip for $4.99

Let's Monkey Around Bouquet

Cute pineapple monkey tops highlight this fun and fresh bouquet. Complete with chocolate covered apple wedges and a pineapple owl keeping watch over.

Small: $72.00

Large: $82.00

Devilish Love Bouquet

Cute, cuddly and ‘devilicious’! This bouquet comes with 12 chocolate dipped strawberries.


Melon Layer Cake

A fresh and fun alternative to the traditional birthday cake. Perfect for the health nut in your family!


Wedding Congrats Bouquet

The perfect gift to send to the blushing new bride as her and her bridesmaids get ready for the big day! Bride and Groom pineapple hearts highlight this bouquet.

Small: $62.00

Large: $72.00

Little Princess Bouquet

Watermelon ball skewers, chocolate apples and chocolate strawberries with just the right amount of sprinkles. Fresh and fun!

Small: $75.00

Large: $85.00

Kiwi Kisses Bouquet

Fresh kiwi steals the show in this bouquet with just the right amount of chocolate coconut strawberries.

Small: $63.50

Large: $73.50

Melon Baller Bouquet

A hint of chocolate covered strawberries surrounding by fun-to-eat melon ball skewers and assorted fruit.

Small: $51.50

Large: $61.50

Thank You Bouquet

The perfect way to say thanks for a job well done or for lending a helping hand. Chocolate covered strawberries and apple wedges rolled in Skor toffee highlight this delectable treat.

Small: $55.00

Large: $65.00

Wedding Berries

Tuxedo and bride dress strawberries.

She said yes!

6 pack: $18.00

12 pack: $30.00

30 pack: $70.00

Fresh Berry and Custard Hearts

Chocolate 2-bite hearts filled with a creamy custard and topped with fresh berries, drizzled with white chocolate.

4 pack: $18.00

8 pack: $32.00

Assorted Dipped Fruit Tray

Mix and match your favorite toppings with chocolate covered strawberries, apple wedges and pineapple daisies.

30pcs: $52.50

Feel Better Bouquet

The perfect pick up for someone feeling under the weather. An assortment of fresh fruit beautifully displayed will certainly cheer someone up.

Small: $59.00

Large: $69.00

Spring Time Bouquet

Just the perfect balance of fresh melons, oranges and blueberries with a hint of chocolate covered strawberries.

Small: $57.00

Large: $67.00

Special Treat Bouquet

Induldge on your own or share with that special someone. This bouquet is perfect for any occasion or send it simply as a ‘just because’.

Small: $57.50

Large: $67.50

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Gift Box

Decadent chocolate covered strawberries topped with your choice of milk and white chocolate, skor toffee, coconut, chocolate cookie crumbs and crushed vanilla wafer.

6 pack: $16.00

12 pack: $27.00

30 pack: $52.50

Character Berries

Creative (and delicious) chocolate strawberries with fun and colourful designs.

12 pack: $35.00

#1 Dad Bouquet

Tell Dad that he is the best by spoiling him with chocolate covered apple wedges and strawberries rolled in skor toffee and coconut.

Small: $80.75

Large: $70.75

I Got Eyes For You Bouquet

Here’s a fun way to drop a hint to that special person. White chocolate apple wedges and chocolate berries are complimented with big beautiful blue (pineapple) eyes!

Small: $62.50

Large: $72.50

Sweet 16 Bouquet

Celebrate that special milestone with chocolate covered pineapple daisies and butterflies, chocolate covered strawberries with colorful candy sprinkles and an assortment of fresh fruit.

Small: $88.50

Large: $98.50

Pretty With Pink Bouquet

For that special new addition to the family or celebrating your little princesses birthday. Fresh, delicious and fun.

Small: $62.00

Large: $72.00

Fruit-Lovers Bouquet

Fresh fruit galore! Delicious and juicy - the perfect gift for the health nut in your family. Or share with friends at your next gathering.

Small: $82.50

Large: $92.50

Chocolate Pears and Apple Bouquet

The perfect combination of fresh fruit and chocolate to satifisy anyone. Chocolate covered pear and apple wedges nestled amoung fresh melon and pineapple.

Small: $65.50

Large: $75.50

You're A Star Bouquet

The perfect bouquet to let someone know they are aces in your book! Coconut and toffee chocolate straweberries are the stars of this arrangement.

Small: $70.00

Large: $80.00

Chocolate Lovers Bouquet

Loaded with chocolate covered apple wedges and strawberries! Delicious toppings like skor toffee and coconut will satisfy any sweets lover.

Small: $58.75

Large: $68.75

Baby Boy Bouquet

Send this as congratulations to the parents of a bouncing baby boy! White chocolate pineapple ABC blocks and the cutest pineapple sheep will bring a smile to their faces.

Small: $68.75

Large: $78.75

Birthday Jubilee Bouquet

Big enough to share with everyone who helps celebrate your special day! Loaded with chocolate covered apple wedges and strawberries, some rolled in coconut. An assortment of fresh fruit topped off with a special message on white chocolate pineapple.

Small: $193.50

Large: $203.50

New Baby Girl Bouquet

Send this to new Mom and Dad to help celebrate the birth of their sweet baby girl. Assorted fresh fruit with just the right amount of chocolate covered apple wedges and strawberries. We couldn’t leave out the pink swirl, of course!

Small: $64.00

Large: $74.00

Stars at Night Bouquet

Enjoy this bouquet with your friends as you watch the sunset or nestle in for a cuddly movie night.

Pineapple stars shine over chocolate covered strawberries and assorted fresh fruit.

Small: $65.00

Large: $75.00

Birthday Bouquet

Sending special birthday wishes with white and milk chocolate covered apple wedges and strawberries. Big enough to share - but good enough to enjoy all to yourself.

Small: $65.75

Large: $75.75

Strawberry Party Bouquet

White chocolate and skor toffee strawberries! Now that’s a party!

Small: $74.00

Large: $84.00

Dental Assistants Appreciation Bouquet

Chocolate covered strawberries and a smiley pineapple tooth. A great way to say thanks to those who help keep your pearlies, white.


Chocolate Toffee Apples

Crisp gala apples dipped in chocolate, rolled in skor toffee then drizzled with white chocolate. Ask us about bulk pricing discounts.

$5.50 Each

Bouncing Baby Boy (or Girl) Bouquet

The perfect size to send to the hospital to congratulate new Mom and Dad! Chocolate apple wedges and strawberries amoung fresh fruit. Can be done in pink, too!

Small: $69.50

Large: $79.50

Just For You Bouquet

A wee treat to let someone know you’re thinking of them. A variety of fresh fruit with just a hint of chocolate covered strawberries to satisfy the sweet tooth.


Sunshine Daisy Bouquet

White chocolate on juicy pineapple sun daisies surrounded by fresh fruit and chocolate covered strawberries.

Small: $55.50

Large: $65.50

Love You Mom Bouquet

The perfect Mother’s Day treat that’s big enough to share…if Mom wants to, that is! Chocolate pineapple butterflies and strawberries swirled with a creamy yellow chocolate with an assortment of fresh fruit.

Small: $70.00

Large: $80.00

Butterflies in the Garden Bouquet

Chocolate covered pineapple butterflies in a garden of fresh fruit. Perfect for gatherings and celebrations of all sorts.

Small: $95.50

Large: $105.50

ABC's Bouquet

Fun and delicous for the kids to enjoy! Pineapple letters and chocolate covered strawberries rolled in colorful sprinkles.

Small: $67.25

Large: $77.25

Baby's Christening Bouquet

Celebrating baby’s christening with delicious pink chocolate strawberries with decorative edible beadings.

Small: $59.00

Large: $69.00

Bunny Hop Bouquet

Chocolate pineapple bunnies, Easter egg chocolate strawberries and 2 chocolate pops surrounded by fresh fruit.

Small: $56.25

Large: $66.25

Congrats Graduate Bouquet

Congratulate this year's class with this sweet convocation treat! Chocolate covered strawberry Grad caps surrounded by fresh fruit and a chocolate dipped pineapple daisy.


Cheer You Up Bouquet

The perfect treat to cheer up someone feeling down. Chocolate covered apple wedges, strawberries and delicious white chocolate pineapple daisies.

Small: $81.75

Large: $91.75

Appreciation Bouquet

A great way to say "thanks" to someone special. Our most popular bouquet for Administrative Professionals Week!

Small: $59.50

Large: $69.50

Jingle-Berry Bouquet

Our Christmas tower of fresh strawberries with white chocolate, coconut and toffee bits! A sure hit with holiday gatherings.

Small: $71.25

Large: $91.25

Candy Cane Bouquet

A fresh twist on a traditional holiday treat! Loaded with chocolate covered apple wedges and coconut strawberries.

Small: $80.00

Large: $90.00

O Christmas Tree Bouquet

Delicious chocolate pineapple trees and a cluster of festive chocolate covered strawberries.

Small: $72.00

Large: $82.00

White Christmas Bouquet

White chocolate pineapple snowflakes and assorted fresh fruit. Goes great with some hot cocoa in front of the fire.

Small: $92.00

Large: $102.00

Apple Cinnamon Gingerbread Bouquet

Chocolate dipped apple wedges sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and festive pineapple chocolate gingerbreads. The perfect holiday treat to share.

Small: $71.25

Large: $81.25

Santa's Stocking Bouquet

Leave this bouquet out for Santa on Christmas Eve and you'll be his favorite! Fun chocolate pineapple stocking will be a hit!

Small: $80.85

Large: $90.85

Chocolate Toffee Apple Wedges

Crisp Gala apples dipped in chocolate, rolled in toffee bits then drizzled with white chocolate. Devine bliss!

6 pack: $16.00

12 pack: $27.00

Party Pleaser Bouquet

Cheese, assorted meats and fresh veggies! Comes with a ranch dip. This bouquet is true to its name.

Small: $97.00

Large: $127.00

Citrus Sunrise Bouquet

Loaded with fresh pineapple, grapes, and strawberries!

Small: $46.00

Large: $56.00

Grad Hat Berries

Send congratulations with these delicious chocolate strawberry grad hats! Packages of 6 and 12 or add them to your favorite bouquet!

6 pack: $20.00

12 pack: $36.00

Sympathy Bouquet

Send condolences with our Sympathy Bouquet. Chocolate apples and strawberries along with pineapple white chocolate doves. A nice way to send a "thinking of you" gift.

Small: $65.00

Large: $75.00

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